LOVE jelly cat

at around the 9 month mark, we gave the bird a friend to stay in her crib with her.  channing has been quite a challenge with sleep so, we didn’t want to add any toys or instill the thought that the crib was for anything but she spends enough time in there playing on her own as it is! we wanted to give her a buddy to bond with and keep her company.  we were lucky enough to receive a wonderful jelly cat stuffed animal, from luc’s cousin, that we now lovingly refer to as “bunny” and the bird is beginning to call “bun”.  she LOVES bunny.  he sure takes a beating from her and gets tossed around quite a bit but, in the end, she snuggles up to him and loves on him as she falls asleep.  in fact, she loves him so much, i bought a back up bunny just in case!

LOVE indestructible books

i love that the bird has taken a huge interest in her books.  however lately, she has starting being a bit rough on them.  even though i only let her look at board books for now, she still has this fascination with trying to bend the covers and pages.  and, of course, she enjoys chewing on them as well.  i hate to see her ruin her books like this! i came across this really unique company today that actually makes what they claim to be indestructible books called indestructibles...that’s indestructible. they are a revolutionary new baby book invented by a mother of triplets who wanted to share books with her babies, hassle-free. They are water-proof, tear-resistant, and baby-durable, making them the perfect books for babies who "read" with their little hands and mouths.

i bought two and we’ll see how they get put to the test.  so far, so good and the images are bright and fun.  these are absolutely genius!

LOVE sprout

first of all, i have to say i am NOT a big fan of shopping at walmart.  the entire experience stresses me out.  however, i ran in the other day to pick a few items that i can’t find anywhere else and came upon this great organic baby food line called sprout by chef tyler florence.   i haven’t seen it in any other stores.  mind you, it is a little pricier than other foods i have seen and purchased previously however...these include fantastic combinations and the bird LOVES them all so far. the resealable packages are great and the textures are for more advanced kiddos.  the bird especially likes the ginger chicken recipe and i have to say the peach pumpkin pie recipe is pretty tasty too.  yum!

LOVE super

i have been looking, for years, for a skin care regimen that i really truly loved.  i just haven’t been able to find the right fit...  either i liked some and not all of the line, it didn’t clean my face well, it made my face greasy, i didn’t like the smell, it was too expensive...and so on. but, i think my search is finally over! i just started using super by dr. nicholas perricone and so far...i truly LOVE it.  the smell is fresh and lovely and my face feels great!  love their packaging and superfood ingredients.  currently, i have the skin nutrition set and plan on trying a few more items as well.

LOVE happy baby

of course we love a happy baby!  but, i am talking the happy baby brand of snacks.  since the bird is a bit late on getting her teeth, we have been careful to give her things that she doesn’t have to do a ton of chewing to eat.  these little organic puffs are the perfect way for her to practice but they pretty much dissolve in her mouth after just a few moments. these are a good size for her to grab onto.  i have purchased others that are really tiny and hard for her to hold with her little fingers.  we love these and seem to have a package the car, diaper bag, stroller, in a couple of the rooms in the house...

LOVE zoli

in our march citrus lane box, we received a zoli pink bot cup.  the bird LOVES it.  it is her first time using a straw and she has done an awesome job.  i highly recommend this little guy.  it’s been a huge hit and she picked up on it fast. BOT features an innovative straw technology that moves to the liquid whenever the cup is tilted allowing your kiddo to sip to the last drop. the cup is designed with a simple integrated handle and lid to eliminate lost parts. the handle, lid, and base are made of polypropylene while the straw is made from food-grade silicone and a weighted steel ball it comes in pink, orange, blue and green.


** as a side note...after using the zoli for a bit now, we still really like it and the bird especially likes to use it when she has a tooth breaking through as it is soft on her gums.  however, it does leak when left on its side.  it is not spill proof which i just think is good to know before you invest in it.  i would still recommend it, especially to help teach kiddos how to use a straw.

LOVE surprises

this is an ingenious’s one of those where you go - why didn’t i think of that?  it took me only seconds to browse through their website to say “i’m in!”  the idea is simple and easy and hey - who doesn’t love a surprise each month?  welcome to citrus lane.  with citrus lane, you get a box every month filled with cute and practical products recommended by real parents. It's like having your own team of personal shoppers dedicated to finding the best products for your child.  I also love that they never let a company pay to place items in their box- every item is parent picked!when you sign up, let them know if you have a boy or a girl and how old they are currently.  each month, you receive a box of goodies customized to your information.  think wine or cheese of the month club for savy, hip parents and tots.  Plus with each gift box, you can read why each item was chosen and see where to purchase more of your favorite products. big bonus...your surprise box gets delivered right to your front door!  a subscription is just $25 per month, and shipping is always free. every month you receive products worth $30 to $45 plus a featured treat, so it's a great value!  i think this is a great way to become familiar with cool new products and old standbys that other parents love and adore.  you can also sign up to send a box or subscription as a gift, which i think would be a fantastic idea for a baby shower.

i’ve signed up and can’t wait for our box of surprises to come to our front door!

LOVE boon's modern high chair

i think i mentioned before, my love for modern design.....this truly takes the cake!  i LOVE my Boon Inc. FLAIR pedestal highchair.  and so does the little bird.  she has so much fun sitting in her “special chair” and not only chowing on her yummy goodies, but also watching mama cook and work on projects.  it has a pneumatic lift, which lets it raise up higher, perfect for haning out at the kitchen island with me.  not only that but, it is a breeze to keep wiped down and clean.  we have it in the above fuschia color however, they no longer carry this color on their site.  the colors are pretty cool though...i could have one in every color!

LOVE 'b' toys

little bird loves her new christmas present...the ‘zany zoo’ from b. toys and we love it too.  in fact, we have several items now from this company and they have quickly become our favorites.  from their funky bright colors to their fun designs, these are a big hit in our house.  i also love the message the company just “ B you ”.  if that’s not good enough, they also focus highly on the environment and provide charitable donations to free the children.  what’s not to love?

LOVE joovy zoom

our jogging stroller is truly one of my favorite pieces of baby/mama equipment.  it is a joovy zoom and it is fantastic.  we have been using it since the bird was about 5 months old, since the seat lays almost completely flat.  now, we go for long walks almost every day and she loves her comfy ride.  it has a really great, adjustable canopy (which blocks the sun at almost all times of day...really early morning is the one exception)  and excellent shocks...perfect for bumpy conditions (like the terrible sidewalks on our side of town!) i just noticed (january 14th) that the zoom jogger is on sale on the joovy zoom website.  i highly recommend it!

LOVE homeopathics

here are three homeopathic products that are a must in the gray household right now.  the bird is a late teether, and is having a really rough time with it.  for that, we are using camilia liquid and hyland’s baby teething tablets.  we have used colic calm since the beginning, even though she wasn’t actually colicky.  it is a type of gripe water, with charcoal in it, and really relieves an upset tummy naturally.  (expect dark grey diapers though, from the charcoal, and watch for staining on clothes and blankets...but it is worth it.) the camilia and teething tablets can be found at most drug stores or health food stores.  we order the colic calm online at

LOVE puj tub

giving baby a bath, especially in those first few months, can be a little daunting.  they wiggle around and get awfully slippery.  we found the puj tub to be extremely helpful.  it fits in your bathroom or kitchen sink (we have a single bowl kitchen sink, which was a little too big, so we just put a couple of bowls down first and the puj rested on them perfectly) and the material keeps the little one from slipping around. and now, it comes in lots of fun colors! plus, when you are done with it, it just folds up and stores under the sink.  especially nice if you don’t have a ton of storage space.